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SealAmerica Pit & Fissure Dental Sealant Kits

Self Cure KitSelf Cure Fissure Sealer and Bonding Agent - INSTRUCTIONS


Each SealAmerica Kit will seal a minimum

of 100 teeth.



    • 1 - Bottle of Sealant (Part A)
    • 1 - Bottle of Enamel Bond Resin (Part B)
    • 2 - 3mL 38% Phosphoric Acid Etch Syringes
    • 50 Disposable Syringe Tips
    • 100 Disposable Double Mixing Wells
    • 100 Disposable Microbrush® Applicator Brushes


Outstanding Characteristics of the Material

    • Hydrophobicity - Low water absorption assures resistance to staining and durability in the oral environment.
    • Ease in application - Simple dispensing system makes the application easy and economical.
    • Does not require refrigeration.
    • Under ideal conditions, the equivelant of two quadrants can be sealed from one mix of a drop of Part A and a drop of Part B sealant material.
    • Sealant curing time occurs in about 30-35 seconds.


*Product Selection Guide

Room temperature and humidity affect the setting time of self cure sealants. Cooler temperatures slow the curing time and warmer temperatures accelerate it. Seal America Sealant is available in Regular and Quick Set. The Quick Set is specifically designed for cold, damp conditions with a faster setting time. Regular Set is designed with a longer setting time for use in a hot, humid environment. Under ideal conditions, the equivalent of two quadrants can be sealed from one mix of Regular Set or Quick Set sealant. Sealant curing time occurs in about 35 - 60 seconds.


Instructions for Use

After selecting the teeth, clean the enamel. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use a cleaning agent that may contain oils.

    1. CLEAN THE TEETH - After prophylaxis, wash, dry and isolate the teeth. A rubber dam provides the best isolation. Cotton roll.
    2. ETCH ENAMEL - Apply Enamel Conditioner with syringe tip. Wait 30 seconds. Caution: Avoid contact with soft tissue or exposed dentin. If accidental spill occurs, wash immediately.
    3. RINSE - Wash the tooth and evacuate. Dry with oil free air or any commercial dental drying agent. Properly conditioned (etched) teeth should have a dull, chalky appearance. Highly mineralized teeth may require an additional two minute etch to achieve this effect. PLEASE NOTE: Before first use and before application, if the material has not been used for more than one month, shake bottle well for approximately 15 seconds in order to ensure uniform dispersion of the opaquing pigment.
    4. APPLY SEALANT - Using either Regular Set (A and B), or Quick Set (A and B), dispense sealer into the mixing well. Mix in the disposable mixing well with the Microbrush applicator in a 1:1 ratio, one drop A to one drop B. Mix to a uniform color (5 seconds) and immediately cover all etched surfaces. Apply sealant half-way up the cuspal slopes. The sealant should extend from cusp to cusp, but should not cover the marginal ridges.
    5. SEALANT INSPECTION - Isolation of the teeth should be maintained until the sealants are cured and checked visually with an explorer. If there is a surface air bubble, more sealant can be applied as long as the tooth has remained uncontaminated. Otherwise, the tooth must be re-etched for 10 seconds and dried before applying sealant.
    6. WIPE CLEAN - A thin surface film will remain unpolymerized because of contact with air. Wipe the surface with a cotton pledget in order to remove the very thin film of uncured material remaining on the surface (the result of oxygen inhibition). Rinse and check the occlusion.


Helpful Hints

    1. The sealant's opacity permits easy detection of the sealer under any examination light.
    2. Re-examination every six months after application of Seal America is recommended. In order to reapply, polish the tooth with a sanding disc and apply sealer following the procedure described above.
    3. When sealing fissures, preferably work with one quadrant at a time.



Store at temperatures not exceeding 77°F (25°C). Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


Etchant Precautions

Seal America Enamel Conditioner (etch) contains phosphoric acid. Protective eyewear is recommended for both dental staff and patients while using etchants. Contact with oral soft tissue, eyes, and skin should be avoided. If accidental contact occurs, flush immediately with copious amounts of water and consult a physician.


Sealant Precautions

A small percentage of the population is known to have an allergic response to acrylate resins. To reduce the risk of allergic reaction, minimize exposure to uncured resins. When resins are in prolonged contact with oral soft tissue, or in case of accidental prolonged exposure, flush with copious amounts of water. Wash skin with soap and water when skin contact occurs.



Federal law (U.S.A.) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist. 



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