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Aerosol Containers

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a contract manufacturing and packaging company offering aerosol containers for liquid and semi-solid human/veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. MPL provides aerosol manufacturing of liquids, lotions, washes, and gel products. MPL's aerosol products can be formulated to dispense as a foam or semi-solid with a variety of foaming properties. MPL's aerosol containers use non-flammable propellants, either isobutane or tetrafluoroethane, offering greater safety during manufacturing and handling as well as during use by the consumer.

MPL offers a variety of aerosol packaging options. MPL keeps in stock aluminum aerosol containers with diameters ranging from 35 mm to 76 mm, and heights from 70 mm to 265 mm. MPL's aerosol containers come with a wide variety of spouts to match dispensing requirements, including metered dosage sprays for pharmaceutical aerosols. Aluminum cans can be lined to protect from product corrosion: epoxy phenolic (EP) and polyamide (PAM) linings are available for MPL's aluminum aerosol cans. Future plans include the addition of a BOV (bag-on-valve) filling system.

MPL distinguishes itself among aerosol filling companies in its diverse packaging operations. Depending on viscosity, aerosol products are filled by peristaltic or other positive displacement pump. Each aerosol container is charged in an explosion-proof gas house, and is then submerged in a water bath to ensure no leakage. The aerosol cans are then dried, labeled and ready for final pack out.

MPL offers high quality pharmaceutical aerosol contract manufacturing and packaging at highly competitive prices. Make it right with MPL. Contact MPL or submit a New Product Request Form today.

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Aerosol containers