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Packaging Expertise

Blister Packaging

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a contract manufacturer and packager offering custom blister packaging for human/veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and natural health products. Solid, semi-solid, and even liquid dosage products can be packaged into blister packs. Tablets and soft gels are among the most common dosage forms used in blister pack manufacturing. The maximum stroke length of a blister card packaging is six inches, with the maximum draw being one inch. Blister packing of solid dosage forms allow for a maximum web width of 140 mm; blister packs for semi-solids have a maximum web width of 230 mm.

MPL is distinguished from other blister packaging companies in the variety of options it offers. MPL’s engineering team can custom design and build tooling for virtually any size and shape blister cavity. This includes multi-cavity filling for multi-part formulations or ancillary applicators. MPL can fabricate custom filling equipment based upon a pharmaceutical or dietary supplement's unique viscosity and flow characteristics. Blister pack medication and other products are protected with a variety of lidding films, from metalized polyester to foil and more. When the blister packs require a higher moisture barrier, the standard PVC base film can be strengthened with a Aclar or poly-chloro-tri-fluoro-ethylene (PCTFE) layer.

Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Blister pack contract manufacturing for human/veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements can be customized in a variety of ways. Images and text can be printed directly on the lidding film itself using MPL's thermal transfer printers. The lidding films come standard in a metallic color, or can be flood coated with any color of your choice. The base film can be clear or custom colored. The blister pack cards can then be packed off in a variety of options.

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MPL's human/veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement contract manufacturing runs from lab formulation to scale-up for commercial production, including packaging. The wide variety of options and customizations available for blister packaging from MPL demonstrate the one-stop turnkey solutions it offers. Get the maximum value for your dollar. Choose MPL for your contract manufacturing. Contact us and request a quote today.