Website Design by DDA

The MPL multimedia search engine optimized responsive website was designed and developed by Dynamic Digital Advertising in 2019. Featuring aerial drone videos shot from both inside and outside the MPL facilities, interactive 360-degree videos, and other videos shot on location, all produced by DDA Medical to introduce Medical Products Laboratories, Inc., along with dozens of new photos showing the facilities, equipment, and products, the MPL website demonstrates how a rich multimedia presentation can capture and keep attention. The website also includes over 30 pages of original search engine optimized content describing the types of products manufactured by MPL, the equipment used to produce them, the laboratories used for process analysis, manufacturing orders, and quality control, and the numerous packaging options available at the company. DDA Medical even programmed a custom form to allow prospective leads to get an initial quote on orders of products, helping MPL to more easily manage its lead acquisition process and grow its customer base over time.