Packaging Expertise

Packaging Expertise

Jar Packaging
of Semi-Solid Dosage Forms

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a quality-driven contract manufacturer of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and natural health products with extensive packaging capabilities. Manufacturing and packaging operations of liquid, semi-solid, and solid dosage forms is performed in-house making MPL a one-stop shop for all contract manufacturing and packaging needs.

MPL’s jar filling equipment can accommodate a variety of fill sizes, ranging from 1 to 64 oz. MPL's purchasing team can source compatible jars and lids in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, suitable for the packaging of drugs, medical device products, and cosmetics. Jars can be constructed of plastic or glass and can be labeled or shrink sleeved for identification and branding purposes. Child resistant (CR) caps, pressure sensitive and heat induction tamper evidence seal options are available.

Jar Packaging of Semi-Solid Dosage Forms

Jar Packaging Design

After the final packaging is selected, your product is enrolled into our ICH stability program to ensure product-container compatibility over the shelf life of the products. Process and packaging validations are performed on commercial lots to ensure the mixing and filling processes are accurate and repeatable. Cleaning validations are executed to ensure there is no carry over in the mixing tanks or on the packaging lines.

MPL’s spray bottle packaging services don't end there. In-house graphic artists can help customers develop custom packaging designs, including logos, labels, boxes, and inserts. MPL works with its own local network of printers to ensure the highest quality printed packaging materials are delivered in the shortest time possible.

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MPL takes its customers through all stages of the contract manufacturing and packaging process, from product realization through lab scale-up to pilot batch and commercialization. From product development, regulatory support, Quality Control method development, and more, MPL’s extensive contract services will guide you step-by-step. From topical lotions and ointments to tablets, capsules, powders, and more, MPL's wide variety of options and full pharmaceutical and neutraceutical contract manufacturing services ensure that no matter what your need, MPL has a cost-effective way to bring your products to market. Make sure you get the value you demand from your contract manufacturer. Contact MPL and submit a New Product Request Form today.