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Liquid Pharmaceutical
Contract Manufacturing Company

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and packager specializing in liquid pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. With advanced capabilities in topical and oral liquids manufacturing, MPL can play an integral role in your product realization, from lab scale-up to pilot batch and commercial production.

Designed to replicate laboratory requirements and to ensure successful scale-up from R&D lab batches to commercial-size manufacturing, MPL’s pilot and full-scale mixing systems source each raw material to perform a specific function in all liquid formulations. For use in liquid contract manufacturing, all raw materials are tested by MPL's Quality Control team in accordance to approved specifications prior to release. Upon receipt of a customer order, raw materials are staged for weighing. Raw materials are traced with MPL's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which is designed to ensure the highest level of quality of all products during the manufacturing process, including liquid formulations. To prevent cross contamination in the weighing suites, HEPA filtration and positive pressure are used, and each material is weighed separately, one at a time, with cleaning procedures performed between each measurement.

liquid pharmaceutical contract manufacturing equipment

To ensure accuracy, regular calibration of all balances is performed. Finally, to ensure the purity of the most commonly used raw material, MPL produces its own USP-grade purified water with our dual de-ionized water systems, which are monitored daily for total organic carbon.

Batch sizes for liquid contract manufacturing range from 30 to 3,000 gallons. Typically, liquid formulations are mixed using overhead Lightning mixers with VFDs capable of low speeds to over 5,000 RPM. For liquid products which are more difficult to get into solution, MPL also has high shear mixing capability. MPL's facility includes GMP manufacturing suites designed for specific mixing systems. Fitted with FDA-approved washable walls, shatter-proof lighting fixtures, and separate air handling systems, MPL’s GMP manufacturing suites are ready for virtually any raw material blend, with HEPA filtration and pressurization, and dedicated hazard areas. MPL maintains an extensive environmental monitoring program to ensure zero cross contamination.

From topical and oral liquids to the full range of syrups and suspensions manufacturing capabilities, MPL is prepared to address every production challenge efficiently and cost effectively. Discuss your product specification in detail with MPL, and they will meet or exceed your every expectation. With high quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery, Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) continues to be one of the leaders in the liquid pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry.


MPL's GMP manufacturing suites are constructed from FDA-approved washable walls, shatter-proof lighting fixtures, powder extraction arms, and separate air handling systems, and can handle virtually any raw material blend. HEPA filtration and pressurization, along with dedicated hazard areas and an extensive environmental monitoring program, eliminate cross contamination. The staff is dedicated to following the latest version of the approved batch record, with each step in the manufacturing process performed and witnessed for double verification. The Quality Control lab is on site for quick reporting of results to any in-process testing that may be necessary so formulation adjustments can be made as quickly as possible. Process validations are generally performed on the first three lots produced, and then again according to the company's periodic validation schedule. Once the batch is completed, it is stored in a transfer tank until the packaging process is ready to commence.

MPL provides liquid contract manufacturing of the highest standards. The focus on efficiency in the manufacturing process allows MPL to offer some of the highest values among contract manufacturers of pharmaceutical, human, and veterinary liquid formulations. Submit a New Product Request Form today and see how MPL can deliver for you.