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Natural Health Products

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a leading full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and packaging company which provides an array of services to its US- and International-based clients. Although MPL is based in the United States, it has a number of Canadian partners and understands Canadian Natural Health Products Regulations, which came into effect January 2004. Products classified as drugs in the US may now fall under the scope of Natural Health Products (NHPs), and these types of products require additional documentation to be generated during the development and pilot stages in order to support Canadian regulatory submission and successful approval.

Canadian Natural Health Products

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. is a contract manufacturer with a focus on drugs, medical devices and natural health products including homeopathic, supplements and other specialized wellness products. MPL makes the development of NHP’s economical and manageable through its integrated project management and offers turnkey solutions for development, manufacturing, and packaging. MPL currently works with more than 100 different vitamins and minerals, and we maintain the stability profiles for each.

Our R&D team has extensive experience in formulating products to help prevent and treat a variety of medical conditions and/or support health and wellness. We design, develop and validate testing methods to ensure the potency of the products meets label claim throughout the life cycle of the product. From initial development of the NHP formulations to pilot batch and scale-up to commercial phases, MPL guides its customers through all challenges to ensure the highest quality finished product. Whether for a stand-alone product or part of an existing product line, MPL’s expert graphics design team can develop the right packaging that fits precisely within your company’s image.

MPL dedicates resources to monitoring the constantly changing Regulatory guidelines, helping its clients understand the regulations relevant to their products and apply them rationally and practically. The products produced by MPL meet cGXP compliance standards, and our quality management systems have adopted the principals of ISO 9000 & 13485. MPL is a non-sterile facility with an extensive environmental monitoring program. Manufacturing suites are HEPA filtered and pressurized with dedicated areas to handle more hazardous products such as corticosteroids to prevent cross contamination.

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With its duplicate DI water systems and online TOC monitoring, MPL is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ready to produce NHPs in nearly any dosage form, from liquids to semi-solids to solids. Its extensive filling and packaging capabilities range from manual filling operations to fully automatic custom-built filling lines. MPL’s processing equipment including V-blenders, homogenizers, planetary mixers, high shear mixers, and in-line powder dispersion mixers are employed to produce a variety of dosage formats, from liquids such as drops and oral suspensions to solid dosage forms like tablets and capsules. MPL’s packaging capabilities are equally comprehensive, with systems that range from manual filling operations to fully automatic, custom-built filling lines, used to fill the products into almost any configuration from bottles to blisters. The highly trained personnel follow SOPs and maintain strict adherence to guidelines which ensures the finest Quality Control in batch accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

To find out how MPL's extensive contract services can make your NHP a reality, call us at 1-800-523-0191 or submit a New Product Request Form today.