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Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Equipment

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturer serving the drug, medical device, nutritional supplement, natural health product, and cosmeceutical industries for both humans and animals. MPL offers exceptional value and flexibility by maintaining a wide variety of contract manufacturing equipment. From compression machines, homogenizers, inline powder dispersers, overhead propeller mixers, planetary mixers, sweeps, and high shear mixers to V-blenders and more, MPL's diverse selection of equipment can handle the manufacturing needs of all forms of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and veterinary products: liquids, solids, and semi-solids. From realization and lab scale-up to pilot batch production and commercialization, MPL provides both stock mixing systems as well as custom fabrication applications for specialized mixing and blending processes for all batch sizes at highly competitive values.

Pharmaceutical Human and Veterinary
Contract Manufacturing Equipment

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. has a diverse selection of contract manufacturing equipment for pharmaceutical human and veterinary products, nutritional supplements, and cosmetic products, and is constantly adding new equipment to maintain industry-leading contract manufacturing capabilities. MPL maintains dedicated manufacturing facilities for each piece of equipment. Equipment is largely stainless steel with sanitary fittings for thorough cleanings. Most equipment is CIP (clean-in-place), with cleaning validations regularly performed to ensure a sanitized manufacturing environment. Adherence to regular preventive maintenance and calibration schedules ensures optimal results in all contract manufacturing. MPL's contract manufacturing equipment is scalable for any increases in batch sizes.

MPL's current suite of manufacturing equipment includes the following:

Coating Pans

MPL's coating pans come in varied sizes to coat solid dosage pharmaceutical human, veterinary, and nutritional supplements from initial lab batches to full-scale commercial batches. Multi-head Vector Hi-Coater® systems allow MPL to apply film coatings to tablets.

compression machine for pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing

High Shear Mixers

MPL's high shear mixers feature multiple rotor and stator options to accommodate a variety of product attributes. For liquid and semi-solid batches ranging around 20 – 300 gallons, MPL uses its overhead high shear mixers. Batches ranging from 100 – 500 gallons are mixed with MPL's in-line high shear mixers.

Compression Machines

MPL's single and double station compression machines are used in pharmaceutical, veterinary, and dietary supplement contract manufacturing of solids. They feature B&D size tooling and a variety of pre-compression options. Inline de-dusters and metal detection ensure quality. MPL's compression machines can press from .25 mg to 4 g in per-tablet weight.


MPL's homogenizers are used in human and veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement manufacturing of semi-solid products, typically ranging in size from 20 – 300 gallons. Options for homogenization and recirculation allow for increased uniformity. Pump assist facilitates homogenization of higher viscosity materials. The homogenizers can be used in conjunction with sweeps kettles as needed.

Inline Powder Dispersion

MPL uses its inline powder dispersers for contract manufacturing of semi-solid human and veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products in batch sizes of approximately 100 – 500 gallons. They feature multiple rotor and stator options to optimize results across a variety of products. Water-activated thickening agents are easily added thanks to in-line high shear with powder dispersion option.

Propeller Mixers

MPL's propeller mixers are used for human and veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement contract manufacturing of liquids and semi-solids, with typical batch sizes ranging from 30 – 3,000 gallons. MPL has both fixed and portable options and multiple overhead propeller sizes for optimum vortex, with custom shafts for each tank. MPL's propeller mixers are explosion proof with VFD (variable frequency drive) for safety.

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Planetary Mixers

MPL uses its planetary mixers for human/veterinary pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplement contract manufacturing of semi-solids, with typical batch sizes ranging from 25 – 250 quarts. Multiple attachments, including paddles, wisps, and others, are available for increased capabilities. MPL's planetary mixers allow for the mixing of viscous liquids and gels to result in thick pastes and powder blends.

Sweeps Mixers

MPL uses its sweeps mixers for semi-solid contract manufacturing of human/veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements in batches ranging from six to 300 gallons. Sweeps mixers can be jacketed or non-jacketed, and steam or hot water heated. Rapid cooling can be facilitated with chiller assistance as needed. Sweeps mixers can be used in conjunction with propeller mixers and homogenization and recirculation pumps per need.


MPL uses V-blenders for human/veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement contract manufacturing of solid products. MPL has multiple 1 – 20 cu. ft. blenders which can mix separate phases simultaneously. Intensifier and chopper bar options add processing flexibility.