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Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Powder Contract Manufacturing

MPL is a full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and packager specializing in powder manufacturing. MPL plays an integral role in the development of pharmaceutical, veterinary, and cosmetic products, from lab scale-up and pilot batch, to full commercial development. Batch sizes are tailored to the specific needs of each MPL client.

MPL's in-house purchasing team secures all raw materials, which are then tested by MPL's Quality Control team to ensure adherence specifications for use in powder manufacturing. Successful scale-up from R&D batches are achieved with pilot and full-scale mixing systems that replicate laboratory requirements established during research and development.

V-blender for solid pharmaceuticals manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Powder Contract Manufacturing

The manufacturing process at Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) begins with receipt of the customer order. The product support team creates a work order and stages all raw materials for weighing. Each raw material is weighed separately, one at a time, with cleaning procedures performed in between each measurement to prevent mix up or cross contamination. To ensure accuracy, all balances are calibrated at regular intervals. Cross contamination is further prevented with the use of HEPA filtration and positive pressure. Dual de-ionized water systems produce USP-grade purified water and are monitored daily for total organic carbon to ensure the purity of what is often the most used raw ingredient. Through MPL's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, manufacturing errors are eliminated, full traceability of all raw materials used is confirmed, and the highest quality pharmaceutical powders are produced.

MPL typically manufactures powders in batches from 16 kg to 160 kg. These products are typically mixed using V-blenders, which have intensification and chopping capabilities if needed. Granulations are done in-house at MPL or are sent to one of our qualified manufacturing specialists. Powders can then be bulk packed, filled into jars or packets, compressed into tablets or filled into capsules.

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Quality Control

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. can handle virtually any raw material blend, with GMP manufacturing suites featuring FDA-approved washable walls, separate air handling systems, powder extraction arms, and shatter-proof lighting fixtures. Dedicated hazard areas, pressurization, HEPA filtration, and extensive environmental monitoring program work together to stop cross contamination of any kind. Each step in the manufacturing process follows the latest version of the approved batch record and is performed and witnessed for double verification. Any in-process testing that may be needed is performed in a timely manner thanks to MPL's on-site Quality Control lab. The first three lots of pharmaceutical powders produced are generally subject to process validation, with additional process validations administered according to a predetermined schedule. The batch is then stored in a transfer tank until the packaging process begins.

MPL's value-driven contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical human and veterinary powders consistently delivers exceptional quality at competitive prices. Learn what MPL can do for you. Submit a New Product Request Form today.