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Nafrinse Powdered Kits

26114 Grape
26108 Bubble Gum
26103 Mint
26129 Very Berry

NaFrinse fluoride packets

26513 Grape, 2 gm packet, box
26512 Bubble Gum, 2 gm packet, box
26510 Mint, 2 gm packet, box
26503 Very Berry, 2g packet, box
26533 Grape, 3 gm packet, box
26527 Bubble Gum, 3 gm packet, box
26525 Mint, 3 gm packet, box
26518 Very Berry, 3g packet, box


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Fluoride Programs

picThe NaFrinse™ Fluoride Mouthrinse Kit – Packets (just add water)

This concentrated mouthrinse is for topical application only. It is not swallowed and therefore no fluoride is ingested. After swishing for one minute the solution is expectorated.


The weekly NaFrinse™ Powdered Packet Mouthrinse Kit consists of the following materials:

    • NaFrinse™ Sodium Fluoride 3 gram packets
    • Polyethylene Container with Dispenser Pump
    • Plastic Cups
    • Paper Napkins
    • Trash Bags and Ties


6 Easy Steps for Fluoride Mouthrinsing

    1. Open the fluoride packet and empty the powder into the container.
    2. Fill container with potable (tap) water to indicated mark.
    3. Pump 10mL of solution into a cup and give the filled cup and napkin to participant.
    4. Empty the contents of the cup into mouth and
      swish for one minute.
    5. Slowly expectorate the solution back into the cup.
    6. Wipe mouth with napkin, and then place it in the cup to absorb the excess solution. The used cup and napkin are then discarded into the plastic trash bag.


Storing the Fluoride Solution

In instances where the number of participants is small and not all the fluoride is consumed in one session, the unused portion may be stored away from the reach of children under lock and key. The solution need not be refrigerated. To store, unscrew the pump and replace it with the child-proof cap accompanying the container. This will provide additional safety when the container is unattended. Discard unused solution after 3 weeks.












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