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NaFrinse Premixed Unit Dose
Fluoride Program

Available in cases

26605 10mL Grape
26621 10mL Mint
26623 10mL Bubble Gum (dye free)
26624 5mL Bubble Gum (dye free)
26625 10mL Very Berry


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Fluoride Programs

imageFluoride Rinse Unit Dose Cups

The NaFrinse™ Fluoride Mouthrinse Program – Premixed Unit Dose – Topical Weekly Rinse


Each case contains 288 premixed unit dose cups with napkins and plastic bags for disposal. The cups are formed entirely from pharmaceutical grade plastic.

This system completely eliminates waste. No unused product has to be discarded.



The fluoride solution in the cups is available in bubble gum, grape, mint and very berry flavors.


Advantage of the Cups

Cups are commonplace to children. They know how to use cups and avoid accidental spillage.



The unit dose is safe because the school, institution or clinic will be storing a diluted fluoride solution. If accidentally swallowed during the rinsing process, such ingestion is harmless.



If you desire, we will ship your supplies to each individual location which will eliminate your problem of major distribution.


Partial Shipments

If your school or institution cannot accommodate the size of the shipment you are ordering, a partial shipment can be arranged. The cartons are palletized and bound with plastic sheathing to prevent damage in transit.

Directions for Use

    1. Each participant receives one cup and one napkin.
    2. Remove the lid from the cup.
    3. Empty the contents of the cup into the mouth and swish thoroughly for one minute.
    4. Slowly spit the solution back into the cup.
    5. Wipe the mouth with the napkin, and then place it in the cup to absorb the excess solution. The used cup and napkin are then discarded into the plastic trash bag.


Click here to see video demonstrations:
video icon Fluoride Program Description Video
video icon Fluoride Program Facilitator Orientation Video

Each case of 288 premixed unit dose cups nested together in space saving trays of 12.





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