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FluoriSHIELD™ Dental Gel

fluorishield imageFluoride Gel for Prevention of Xerostomia-induced Tooth Decay

A product manufactured and especially packaged for your special patient populations who are at high risk for development of caries from radiation therapy, systemic diseases, medications and mouth breathing. Medical Products Laboratories has manufactured this product in conjunction with a leading clinician to ensure that it meets your professional and patient needs.


Features Include:

    • Available in 1.1% sodium fluoride non-flavored gel
    • Inverted bottle design for easy delivery
    • Convenient labeling for patient dispensing
    • Patient educational insert to better inform your patient and assist your office staff

    To order, call 1-800-523-0191 or fax order forms
    to 215-677-7736


Click Here to Download and Print Patient and Doctor Order Forms
















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