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As a dental products manufacturer, Medical Products Labs has been involved in both the study and the manufacture of fluoride pharmaceuticals and dental products for almost 50 years. Our founder, Dr. Harold G. Stone worked closely for many years with Alice Horowitz, Ph.D., Dr. Herschel Horowitz, and Dr. Stanley Heifetz of the NIDR (National Institute of Dental Research), a division of NIH (National Institute of Health) to develop a nationwide school based fluoride mouthrinse program. We are now the largest manufacturer of school based fluoride mouthrinses in the United States. MPL is a private label manufacturer of toothpaste and mouthwash, and is a pioneer of caries preventive programs for school systems, clinics and government agencies with the use of our sodium fluoride products. As a private label mouthwash manufacturing company, our caries prevention programs are being utilized throughout the entire United States in addition to our international programs. We proudly present our expanding line of fluoride products engineered for public health dentistry.





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