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White Varnish

Available in boxes of 32 or 200 pre-sealed individual packages

070110 0.25mL/box of
32 bubble gum
070100 0.4mL/box of
32 bubble gum
070111 0.25m/box of 32 raspberry
070101 0.4mL/box of 32 raspberry
070130 0.25mL/box of
200 bubble gum
070120 0.4mL/box of
200 bubble gum
070131 0.25mL/box of
200 raspberry
070121 0.4mL/box of 200 raspberry
070132 0.25mL/box of 200 mint
070122 0.4mL/box of 200 mint

Natural Varnish

Available in boxes of 32 or 200 pre-sealed individual packages

070010 0.25mL/box of
32 bubble gum
070000 0.4mL/box of
32 bubble gum
070011 0.25mL/box of
32 raspberry
070001 0.4mL/box of 32 raspberry
070030 0.25mL/box of
200 bubble gum
070020 0.4mL/box of
200 bubble gum
070031 0.25mL/box of
200 raspberry
070021 0.4mL/box of
200 raspberry
070032 0.25mL/box of 200 mint
070022 0.4mL/box of 200 mint


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picVarnishAmerica™ 5% Sodium
Fluoride Varnish

VarnishAmerica 5% sodium fluoride varnish with Xylitol dries to a natural tooth color on contact – patients can leave immediately after application. Sets rapidly in the presence of saliva – no need to isolate teeth.

    • Less fluoride ingestion than with conventional treatments.
    • One step paint-on process.
    • Each application sealed until ready for use.
    • Provides immediate and long lasting results.
    • Available in great tasting Bubble Gum, Raspberry and Mint flavors.
    • Children and Adult sizes – 0.25mL and 0.4mL.
    • Easy break-off well for finger ring option.
    • FDA approved for desensitivity

Instructions on How to Apply VarnishAmerica™

Click here to see a video demonstration:

video icon How To Apply VarnishAmerica™ Video


Position the child:

For an infant – place the child on the parent’s lap with the child’s head on the parent’s knees and the child’s legs around the parent’s waist. Position yourself knee-to-knee with the parent and treat the child from behind the head.

Or, place the infant on an exam table and work from behind the head.

Or, as you gain experience, do whatever works for you.


For a young child – place the child in a prone or sitting position and work from above the head as with an infant. Or, adapt a method that works best for you.


The application:

    • Using gentle finger pressure, open the child’s mouth.
    • Remove excess saliva with a gauze sponge.
    • Use your fingers and sponges to isolate the dry teeth and keep them dry. You will usually be able to isolate a quadrant of teeth at a time, but may have to work with fewer teeth in some children. Infants are easiest because they have only anterior teeth.
    • Apply a thin layer of the varnish to all surfaces of the teeth. Avoid applying varnish on large open cavities where there may be pulp involvement.
    • Once the varnish is applied, you need not worry about moisture (saliva) contamination. The varnish sets quickly.


Patient Directions after a Fluoride Varnish Treatment:

After applying VarnishAmerica™, as you rub your tongue on the outside surface of your teeth, you should feel a coating of the varnish. You should also be able to see a thin coating of the varnish on the surface of your teeth.

The treatment period for VarnishAmerica is approximately 4 to 6 hours. Immediately after the treatment, to achieve the maximum benefit, please follow the directions below.

    • Do not brush or floss your teeth for at least 6 hours after treatment
    • Eat only soft food for at least 2 hours after treatment
    • Do not consume hot drinks or alcohol (mouth rinses) for at least 6 hours after treatment
    • Wait until the next day to resume normal oral hygiene.

A thorough brushing and flossing will easily remove any remaining VarnishAmerica.Your teeth will return to the same shine and brightness as before the treatment.

Should you wish to remove any excess VarnishAmerica the next day, vigorously brush and floss your teeth. Your teeth will look and feel the same as they did before the treatment.



    • Even though the child may fuss, the varnish application is not unpleasant.
    • Tell the parent that the teeth will not be white and shiny until the next day


The varnish application should be repeated at three-month intervals for high-risk children and at six-month intervals for children who are not a high risk.













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