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Veterinary Medicine
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Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is one of the leading full-service veterinary medicine and products contract manufacturers and packagers in the U.S.

Veterinary cosmetic product development and formulation is subject to a similar range of regulatory approvals and requirements, and as an experienced veterinary products manufacturer, MPL offers the wide range of capabilities necessary for both veterinary cosmetic contract manufacturing and veterinary medicine manufacturing. While veterinary cosmetics are widely used for a variety of applications, and can be delivered in a number of different formats, it is important that all products meet strict guidelines for safe use to ensure that both the animals and those applying these products are out of harm’s way. MPL streamlines the clearance and approval process for FDA certification, and helps customers understand the regulations that apply to their particular veterinary cosmetic product development and formulation process.

In addition to the regulatory expertise required for high quality veterinary cosmetic contract manufacturing, MPL possesses all of the advanced capabilities necessary, from the initial development through the scale-up of pilot and commercial phases.

Veterinary Medicine and Products Manufacturers

MPL is a non-sterile facility that maintains an extensive environmental monitoring program, with manufacturing suites filtered and pressurized for state-of-the-art environmental controls. Because de-ionized water is at the core of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, it is one of most important raw materials in veterinary cosmetic product development and formulations as well. Duplicate DI water systems feature an on-demand supply with online Total Organic Carbon detection. MPL manufactures all types of animal drug products including ANADA, prescription, and OTC, in dosage forms that vary from liquids to semi-solids to solids.

MPL’s packaging expertise extends from manual filling operations to fully automatic, custom-built filling lines, with options for tubes, foil packs, bottles, boxes, and more.

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Our graphic design team can take your brand and incorporate the new product into an existing product line or develop an exciting new brand identity when necessary.

MPL turns today’s complex veterinary cosmetic product development and formulation process into a practical, economical, and manageable experience. Through its unique combination of professional expertise and project management services, MPL works to keep the project on time and on budget, and lets our clients feel secure in all aspects of veterinary cosmetic contract manufacturing. Call toll free 1-800-523-0191 or submit a New Product Request Form here.