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CGMP Quality Assurance

The entire staff at Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is intimately involved in our robust quality training program to ensure every team member is up-to-date on the latest requirements, as well to provide a constant reminder of the importance of quality. All departments from manufacturing and packaging personnel to the quality assurance line inspectors to upper management believe that quality is built-in. We instill this value in each team member to ensure they are performing their job to the highest level of quality, and as result our products are produced correctly.

SOPs are continually updated and employees retrained as we improve our processes. Internal non-conformances and outside complaints are thoroughly investigated by our quality operations team to determine root cause, implement CAPAs, and perform periodic effectiveness checks. Each step of the batch record from equipment set up to manufacturing, packaging, and testing is always double checked and then reviewed again by the designated quality assurance auditor. Regularly scheduled internal audits as well as outside agency and customer audits are routinely performed. Audit comments and findings are logged, reviewed, and used to promote continual improvement throughout the facility.

As a leader in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry for nearly a century now, MPL has the fully equipped cGMP facility, the highly trained personnel, and the ongoing knowledge of the frequently changing regulatory landscape to ensure full compliance and top tier quality assurance for our clients. See what MPL can do for you. Submit a New Product Request Form today.

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