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Pharmaceutical and Veterinary
Product Development

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) is a full service pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and packager with extensive testing capabilities. We offer a variety of laboratory testing services depending on our customer’s needs. With the assistance of our R&D team, MPL’s highly trained chemists can reverse engineer existing products, develop new, customer-specific formulations, and design and execute in-vitro clinical studies. For products manufactured by MPL, mostly all testing for incoming raw materials, as well as in-process and finished goods released testing, is performed in house, which ensures the highest quality and fastest turnaround time.

Our team can develop formulas to help prevent and treat a variety of medical conditions and/or support health and wellness. We use the principles of Quality by Design (QbD) for all product development, which begins with predefined objectives and emphasizes product and process understanding and process control, based on sound science and quality risk management. This systematic approach ensures that our products meet the customer’s expectations, MPL’s high quality standards, and the FDA’s compliance requirements.

Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Product Development

MPL’s R&D laboratory mixing equipment is designed to replicate its commercial equipment to ensure successful scale-up from R&D lab batches to full-scale commercial size manufacturing. Whether you want to create a new formulation or modify an existing formulation, our team is ready to assist. With increasing regulations, MPL has the quality and regulatory capability to successfully implement a tech transfer and relocate your product to our facility, no matter what stage of development or commercialization it is in.

MPL can develop products for virtually any industry, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and/or veterinary products, as well as any regulatory classifications, including ANDA, ANADA, 510(k), prescription, and OTC. The FDA is rapidly removing the distinctions between pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and vitamins, and is also incrementally requiring dietary supplement and veterinary products manufacturers to become GXP compliant. Many other CMOs are having to rebuild their entire quality systems to higher standards, and with the new serialization requirements being implemented, many are having to close their businesses. MPL operates under one standard to ensure the highest level of Quality Control and GXP compliance, which also helps promote the longevity of our company. We use the drug standard as our guide for product development, pilot batch, scale-up, stability programs and validations, and commercial processes. The drug standard also serves as the benchmark for all internal processes, from receipt of raw materials to release of finished product.

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