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Dietary Supplement
and Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) provides exceptional full-service nutraceutical and dietary supplement contract manufacturing and packaging. The technology required for high quality supplement contract manufacturing closely parallels that of other types of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and MPL’s long standing reputation as one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging companies in the country places it as the best choice for nutraceutical contract manufacturing as well. Our FDA-certified facility is prepared to conduct any type of medical manufacturing and packaging project, including dietary supplements, veterinary products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and more. Offering the most diverse and professional range of services for medical manufacturing and packaging available, MPL combines the capability to test, manufacture, format, package, and deliver products that meet all of the applicable regulatory requirements for dosage precision, consistency, and safety.

MPL currently works with more than 100 different vitamins and minerals, and we maintain the regulatory and compliance status for each and every one of these supplements, as well as their stability profiles. Because of our role as one of the most reliable pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging companies for regulatory compliance, MPL is already well positioned to handle the often changing compliance standards for nutraceuticals and dietary supplements as well. MPL meets all cGXP and ISO 9000 and 13485 compliance standards, and our highly trained staff is ready to conduct any type of lab work necessary for testing drug products in any stage of their development.

Dietary Supplement and Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Dietary supplements can be delivered in a variety of dosage formats, from liquids like energy drinks, to drops and oral suspensions, and solid dosage forms, like any other type of pharmaceutical product. MPL has the advanced technology to produce nutraceuticals in any format and with the same level of precision as with manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Equipment such as tablet compression machines, homogenizers, high shear and powder dispersion in-line mixers, impellers, planetary mixers, sweeps, and V-blenders are employed to produce non-sterile pharmaceuticals in formats as varied as capsules, tablets, gels, ointments, creams, foams, aerosols, and others.

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MPL’s packaging capabilities are equally comprehensive, with systems that range from manual filling operations to fully automatic, custom-built filling lines. Expert graphic design services can distinguish a product in the marketplace, reinforce a successful brand identity, or create a new one. Look to MPL for the finest and most extensive range of nutraceutical contract manufacturing capabilities. For dietary supplements and other products that maintain general health and wellness, MPL leads the way in supplement contract manufacturing. To discuss the specific requirements for your next medical manufacturing and packaging project, submit a New Product Request Form here.